Integrated amp for Dynaudio Special 40s

Hello,  just getting started on the journey down the audio rabbit hole and building a simple setup to start.  Looking hard at the Dynaudio Special 40s (heard them with a Parasound NewClassic and Simaudio Moon 340i).  Trying to keep the amp in the $1500 range and very interested in the Rogue Sphinx V2.  Any insight into this potential conversation would be greatly appreciated by someone who is generally clueless. 

Many thanks, 
Well looking at that particular amp I'd say if you're clueless then at least you are lucky. Or maybe just not as clueless as you let on. Just the fact you are looking at integrateds shows a grasp of the subject a lot of guys blow right past. As they proceed to throw money at a problem that cannot be solved with money. What you are doing, actually listening and comparing based on what you hear, is the only way.

Keeping it simple with an integrated helps a lot too. Getting the most out of your components calls for equally high quality power cords, interconnects, speaker cables, and fuses. At a minimum. Running an integrated is a massive head start because it eliminates a power cord, interconnect, and fuse, easily another $1500-2000, not to mention the space you save. 

I prefer tubes but the Rogue being hybrid is probably giving you a pretty good taste of what you can expect if you upgrade down the road. Meantime you get about the same power as a good 50 watt tube amp. (SS watts are worth about half tube watts, subjectively speaking.) The phono stage is 40 dB gain which will work with all MM and probably be fine with some of the higher output MC cartridges too. Depending on how much vinyl you prefer an outboard phono stage will be a nice improvement.

There's a lot to be said for building a system conservatively like this. By the time you carefully match what you have with a good selection of wire chosen by listening you will probably be very pleasantly surprised just how good it will sound for not a lot of money. 
I've owned many Dynaudio models over the years and always thought the line was better with SS...I was never a fan of hybrid anything so I would suggest listening to the combo together before laying down the cash
Something that can dish the current. Wattage is secondary.
Thanks all. How much current?
Dynaudio and plinius mate well.
krell kav500i or S500i.I have contour s1.4LE mated with krell kav500i.Good match.Powerfull sound.
I'm using the Luxman 509x. Superb sound, image, bass, ease of use and features.

I had a Sutherland phono preamp and sold it because the phono section in the Luxman sounded better.

I have Dyn S-40s now.
Driven by Belles Soloist 1 integrated. New - $2,995. Used prob around $1,200.

I have had MANY Dynaudio speakers over the last 20 years in my 3 systems.

Contour 1.8s
Special 25s
Audience 52SEs
Excite 12s
Focus 140s

I use the S-40s in a small room and simply LOVE them driven by Belles/Power Modules amps.

I has Sim i-3 int and worked well.

Unico Unison!
Naim Nait
Testing out a pair of Special 40’s to *possibly* replace my ATC SCM 19v2’s. Likewise iam also using a Belles integrated amp and it has plenty of power in my medium sized room. The Aria - a newer version of the Soloist mentioned above. Never go past 11 o’clock and that’s with a 3db headroom notch in Roon. Highly recommended amp. just solid 2 channel music. You can find one used for around $1400.

Surprsingly, they appear quite frequently on agon/usam, as do the Special 40’s - I think that this mid level price bracket of $2000 + components has a lot of churn.

As an aside I love the SCM 19’s but sometimes they are just too neutral/analytical (boring?). The S40’s provide for a punchier, more spacious sound and the vocals are simply off the charts. But at the cost of the clean & tight ( ATC sound that simply cannot be matched. It’s a compromise ...