Integrated Amp for Dynaudio Focus 110

Over the last year I have had several pairs of reasonably good Hi Fi speakers, Merlin's, Fritz Carbon 7, and Dynaudio Focus 110. The Focus 110 is my favorite based on my room size and listening habits. I have run into a bit of a problem though....amplification. For two years now I have been happy with the entry level Nad 356 Bee. It's musical rather than clinical, has heavy bass, and decent sound stage, and it does a good job driving the 110's. I have decided though that I want more transparency, tighter bass, and bigger soundstage with better highs. Recently I bought a Marantz PM 8004 and was blown away by the huge soundstage, warm detailed midrange, and extended highs. Up until this amp I have hated an extended upper range. I though I had found the perfect amp until I started to pay attention to the's just not there. After trying out several T and class D amps, the Virtue M9001, 30 Watt Nuforce, and Nad D7050 I am convinced that 110's need a lot of power or an amp that has a large damping factor. The Virtue, Nuforce, and Nad have very large damping factors and control the 110's very we'll putting out lots of tight bass at moderate listening levels. What I am hoping for is that maybe there is a Marantz PM 8004 type amp with the bass control of a class D amp. I'm open to any suggestions, would maybe upgrading to the PM-14S1 do the job??