Integrated Amp For Dynaudio Contour S3.4


Am looking for a compact and cool running integrated amp to drive my Dynaudio Contour S3.4's. Am considering class D ones like Jeff Rowland Concerto or PS Audio GCC 100 or 250 (if the 100 isn't enough to drive it).

Am currently running a Krell pre/power combo with ML electronics. Am basically looking for something that runs cool and is less chunky and am wondering if I will lose out on the current sound I have which I am fairly happy with - we lot are never fully happy.

Feedback from anybody with experience on the above amps with similar speakers will be much appreciated.

Well, I own Dyn C2s, and the store that I bought them from is big on the Krell/Dyn combo. When auditioning, I heard all the new Contour models on the Krell integrated, I think the 400xi?

I thought it sounded really good, and with the larger speakers (3.4, 5.4 and my own C2) at everything but insane levels, with full heavy orchestral pieces, it stayed very coherent. So my guess would be any high-current integrated will do well with these. I would also consider the BAT 300xse with super tube, it is 150/300 per channel 8/4 ohms, and is a pretty good sounding integrated. I used one for about a month while I was waiting for my Lexicon to get here. I would love to hear the new Rowland, but to the best of my knowledge, I have no local dealers.

Hope this helps,

Keep what you have ? Which ML and Krell do you have now ?
The Plinius 9200 is an excellent match for Dynaudio
I would try the BAT as well. I have one, and it is a superb integrated.

Won't go for the Krell as I currently have an FPB range pre/power combo and so will miss out on something with the integrated.

Will try the Plinius and BAT but am really looking for something in the way of switch mode integrated amp. The worry is that it may sound lean as is the received wisdom on such amps and that the PS Audio with 100 watts may not be enough to drive the Dyns which need high current and like to driven hard at loud levels.
The Rowland is very powerful and not at all lean sounding.