Integrated amp for Dynaudio Audience 62

I'm looking for a good match for some Dynaudios, either the 52 or 62's. So far, these two integrated amps are on my radar;

Audio Analogue Primo Settanta
Music Hall 50.2
Any comments on how these two would work with the Dynaudio's or any other suggestions. My room is about 12x20, with listerning position about 14 feet back. Thanks.
You have a fair sized room and will need a bit of power. Maybe something like a Creek Destiny or Creek 5350. Exposure 2010s is also nice and cheaper.
How about NAD or Naim Nait?
Meiwan, why don't you think the Music Hall 50.2 has enough power? It seems to have as much as the Creek.
I use an Arcam a32 to drive a pair of Dynaudios Audience 62. More than enough juice to drive the dyns and to make them sound very refined, particularly with classical, female vocals and jazz music.