Integrated Amp for B&W 801 Series 80

Picked up a pair of B&W 810 Series 80 this week, overall in VG shape, like what I've heard so far and have decided to keep them.

Currently driving them with a Rega Mira Integrated (60W/CH) and sound OK at low to moderate volumes. Increasing the volume shows strain, particularly with the low frequencies as the bass gets somewhat slow and muddy.

From research, many comments suggest that the 801 Series 80 require "gobs" of power and 250W+ monoblocks are the best recommendation.

However, I will nearly always listen at low to moderate volumes and would like to stay with an integrated amp. A Primare A30.2 (120W, Dual Mono amps) is high on my list. The dealer that sold the speakers to me suggested a Sansui but no I have no familiarity with older Sansui integrateds.

Budget is less than $1K used. Open to suggestions.