integrated amp for $1500?

okay, here it goes...i plan to change a little my system...i'm looking to get an int. amp with a black face, with tight and deep bass (not mushy like the CAV50), nice smooth and extended treble (not screechy like Krell150i), with at least 25W/channel...i don't mind tubes or solid there anything out there that can satisfy my requirements?...i don't mind used either...thanx for any suggestions...
I would look into a SS McIntosh Mc6450 (or 6400 for phono). Excellent strong bass and crystal yet silky highs with a mid body and soul that rivals powerful tubes. The Mc6500 is excellent too but out of your price range. Good luck.
I really love my VTL IT85 (even tho I'll be upgrading in a few months): awesome sound, tight bass, liquid mids, highs...

and it has a ton of features: processor in, pre-out, remote, great looks
bryson b 60. at about 900-1000 used cant go wrong.
guys, thanx for the, what about a hybrid integrated? the Pathos Classic One, or the Unison Unico?...thanx
Check out Audiomat Arpege. 30w/ch Tube integrated with black translucent plexi faceplate that allows you to see the glowing bits of the tubes. VERY nice sounding stock and really special with NOS Mullard input tubes. No remote though so you have to actually get up to turn it on/off, louder etc.
If you can up your budget a tiny bit our demo Belles 250i would definitely be an excellent solution for you. It's a 125 wpc. hybrid with a tube preamp and solid state poweramp. Remote volume and mute. Awesome sound, outboard power supply, full record loop, beautifully hand built by Dave Belles.
If you can..listen to the Classe Cap-100, Cap-150, Cap-151 and that order.
Used YBA Integre DT. For $1500 used you can probably find one with the phono stage add-on.
Search for Sugden:
I think is the site. They have a buyer's guide section. Also will have reviews.
I love the YBA Integre DT. I don't think you'll find a better 50 watts out there. If you look real hard, you can almost (may cost you a tad more) get a new one in your price range. I owned this baby for 7 years and loved it. I'll skip all the audio lingo. Do your homework, and you may just go the YBA way. You'll be very happy.