Integrated Amp DAC Naim Supernait? Bryston B100?


I am upgrading my system for the fist time in many many years. I am looking at integrated amps with DAC built in as my sources are analogue LP12(MM) & CD WAV files (uncompressed) through ITunes on a Mac. There are various other sources Ipods, PSP Blueray, DVD etc but none of these are crucial. I listen to a variety of music including Jazz, Blues, Alt Rock, various types of vocal music etc.

My preference is for an integrated solution but would consider separate DAC, Phono PreAmp, PreAmp, PowerAmp etc (if a similar price and much better quality). That said as I move internationally every 12 months an integrated one stop shop is simpler for me and any amp must be 110 / 220v capable

The Naim and the Bryston are both good brands and their integrated amps (with Dac) have good reviews. Has anyone compared these from a vinyl/digital perspective? Are their any alternatives I should consider?

Naim Supernait Integrated Amplifier Review (Jan 08)

Bryston B100-DA SST DAC Integrated Amplifier Review (April 07)


You could use a Benchmark DAC1 Pre as very compact preamp/DAC run into a fairly compact Class D amp like the Channel Island D100 - you would save space and some money. The Benchmark works on any voltage and most digital amps do as well. And the Benchmark would also be a decent headphone amp.

I remember contacting Bryston and Naim a few years ago about voltage compatibility and both required a change of transformer or at least a re-soldering of the existing ones inside which would void the warranty.
I heard the Supernait, used strictly as an integrated amplifier, in a friend's system. This is a surprisingly good amplifier. I think it is much better than the 252/200 combination of separates that this friend also has in his system (not as "dry" sounding and less of the artificially hard attack at the start of a transient that makes some Naim gear sound mechanical to me).
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Check out music hall. The Mambo and Maven both have nice DAC's.
I have a Supernait with a Hi-cap. It is fabulous. While shopping for which one I would go with I listened to the Bryston at a dealer through some Focal 1007 BE, I found them to be clinical. I find the Naim gear to be musical and toe-tapping while the Bryston stuff to be more of a "Hi-Fi" experience. One makes music, the other makes "hi-fi". I trust that helps.

Thanks All

Very useful, I will give some of those combos a listen

Re voltage - according to specs Supernaight is 110-220 voltage out of box. I will check others

Since my Cd player is Naim Cd 5i(2) is it a waste of money to buy an amp with internal DAC?
I own a Bryston B100 with DAC and phono and feel that it has ended my search for an integrated amplifier! It is musically engaging and emotionally connects me with all genres of music, from classical to pop! I have listened to various systems (Rega, Arcam, Audiolab, Naim, AudioNote, Ayre, YBA ...) and feel that the B100 with phono and DAC is the best for me!
I am beginning the same search, but don't necessarily have to have the DAC in
the same box.

BTW: TACT makes such a product (pre/amp/dac), I believe.
Great two opposite opinions of the Bryston!
How does that begin to help someone doing research for this Integrated