Integrated amp/DAC combinations for around $3K?

Your suggestions for electronics to support computer-based system with KEF LS50 and REL sub. Broad music taste, files up to 24/192. Could be separate amp and DAC or integrated with built in DAC.

Thanks in advance for ideas,

My apologies for double posting this topic. I posted on Friday on mobile, but didn't see anything Saturday so posted again. Any suggestions?
Depends largely on what aspects of sound are most important to you, but the Hegel H300 gets great reviews and includes a built-in DAC. Or maybe a Rogue Sphinx with an outboard DAC from Bryston, NAD, Wyred 4 Sound, etc. Best of luck.
LINN or BRYSTON amps and their matched DAC/ music servers.

I've auditioned both systems..... Outstanding with a very wide assortment of Different speakers in the dealer demos, including KEFS.

You get what you pay for in this Hobby .... Highly recommended in any case, and especially so if you can shoehorn them in as "used" gear purchases.
Save the money and buy the NAD C356.
Replace the stock jumpers with the Cardas jumpers
and from experience I can tell you that the NAD sound way better then the Simaudio (entire NEO Series).