Integrated amp choice for JMR Offrande Supreme V2

Hello A'goners-

This is a longshot, but I'd like to know if anyone has experienced especially good synergy (magic) with a particular integrated amp driving the JMR Offrande Supreme V2.

The Offrande sensitivity is rated at 91db, at 8ohms, with a minimum of 6ohms. I'm currently driving them with my Audio Research VSI60 KT-120-based tube integrated, and the match is good, maybe not spectacular - just wondering if I'm missing out on anything.

Bob Neill of Amherst Audio (great guy), the distributor of JMR speakers recommends the Blue Circle FtTH hybrid integrated for it's combination of sweetness and clout. I don't live in the vicinity of any Blue Circle dealers, though, so I can't try before I buy. Recommendations from other dealers include the Lavardin IT, LFD NCSE II, the Ayon tube integrateds, the Mac MA2275, and the Audiomat integrateds.

Any experience shared would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks - Bob R
I would think the Pass INT30A would work very well with your speakers.

Hi Chuck - thanks for the response. Have you heard the combination? Why would it be a good match?


I don't know if this helps... I've had a pair of JMR Twins for years in my second system. They're paired with an Audiomat Arpege. Really nice together. I've had the amp for about 15 years now, and it's been trouble free. It was pretty much the entry level amp in their line. Would think the newer versions of their amps would be something special with the Offrande.
I had a pair of original Offrandes for a couple of years. I ultimately sold them because they just didn't work in my small (12 x 14) room, but I think that these are a very special speaker design.

I tried a variety of amps with these speakers, but certainly not everything. I believe that most of the amps you mentioned will work well, but I'm not sure that the McIntosh is the best match for the Offrandes. But I'm admittedly not a Mac guy. I would also never discount Bob Neill's recommendation, but I hae no experience with Blue Circle gear.

I think that your selection of an amp needs to start with an analysis of your room, where you will place the speakers and what you expect in terms of bass response. The Offrande family is not a bass giant, so this may influence your decision.

I was very happy pairing the JMR speakers with my Audio Note OTO SE Phono, but again my room was small. I believe that Leben, Shindo and Jadis tube integrateds would also be a great match. I wanted to try the CJ CAV-50 but never had the opportunity.

On the SS side, I ended up using another French product - the Atoll IN100. I bought this as a dealer demo for a great price and I found it to be excellent. But I would almost certainly choose the Pass Labs INT30 if I had the budget for it. It's a fantastic amp, as long as your room isn't too large and/or you don't need to play overly loud.

Good luck
I bought the FtTH in 2007, before following the Blue Circle path to Bob Neill. I first read his thoughts on the integrated's synergy with the Offrandes on his website, then experienced the FtTH with the Offrandes in Amherst. I even brought my speaker cables for the audition. I am referring to the FtTH and the Offrande Supremes, but from what I have heard the synergy repeats with the FtTH2 and the Offrande Supreme V2's. They sound like music together, regardless of how simplistic that statement appears. That quality was exactly what I had sought. Nothing clinical nor overblown. I found the FtTH prefered an efficient 8 ohm load like the Offrandes, it ran out of steam with my 4 ohm 86 dB Dynaudios. The FtTH loves the Offrandes and the finer qualities of the sound can be adjusted by rolling tubes. Even easier with the FtTH2 because it only needs one 6DJ8/6922/7308. That's my experience, but there are so many choices available with the Offrandes. Have fun.
Great responses all - thanks! Keep 'em coming!
No, I have not heard it but your speakers specifications would lead me to believe it would be an excellent match and sound very good. Reno Hi-Fi has a 15 day trial period you just pay shipping to and fro if you decide to send it back and there is a used one on their web-site as I write this. I have No affiliation with Pass or Reno Hi-Fi.

Too late I suppose, but I have the original Supreme connected to the Euphya Alliance 280 and it's a great match.
Xpekt - would you elaborate regarding the Euphya Alliance 280 and the Offrandes?
I recently acquired a pair of JMR OSV2s and have it paired with an Audiomat Arpege which coincidentally was the same integrated that the previous owner of the speakers used as well. While I have no basis for comparing the Arpege to the FtTH, it drives them beautifully. I've also see Audiomat amps in some of JMR's marketing materials, so it's a combo that JC Reynaud uses as well. Would love to try some Blue Circle products with these speakers though, they are mind blowingly good.
I have had a great time for the last year and a half listening to the O's driven by the Zen Mystery Amp from Decware (40 tube watts of liquid honesty).
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Unfortunately no experience with the Offrande Supremes but I can certainly vouch for the synergy going on between my JMR Bliss Silvers and the Lavardin IT.  Best sound I've had in my room in 35+ years in the hobby.  The Offrandes would no doubt be a big upgrade over the Silvers so I don't see how you could lose here.

Er...didn't realize this was a 4-year old thread.  Oh well.....