Integrated Amp $1200 or less

I’m currently using an Anthem I225 integrated amp and am consider a different integrated.

I would prefer solid state.  I am not opposed to used and actually prefer that route if I can get more bang for the buck that way.

Im wanting something that still has enough power to drive my speakers (Fritz Carreras) to satisfyingly high levels.

I’m preferring an integrated so I don’t need an additional power cord and rca cords.

I’m open to suggestions.  I could be swayed into spending a little more if I can get alot more performance.

I’m looking for more refinement.  My source is a bluesound node 2i and I’m currently using the dac in the bluesound.  
I’d prefer getting an integrated with no dac and will upgrade my Dac later.  Again, I wouldn't rule out a great integrated that has a dac!

Thanks ahead of time for the suggestions!

I also have a Node 2i and a Topping D90 and am very happy with that combination. But going back to the original question, I have these going into an Outlaw Audio RR2160. This receiver is a great box that does a lot of things pretty darn good. Totally in the target price and has lots of options. Class AB, phono pre-amp, tuner, etc. There is a clean one for sale here (not mine).

My highest recommendation for the Exposure 2010 or 3010 integrated. You can find both at or even much less than $1200 preowned. One of the truly great bargains in audio. The 2010 was a Stereophile Class A recommendation for several years in the not too distant past.

I also like rogue Audio integrateds as well. I owned the Atlas Magnum, which is the power amp version of the Chronos magnum. It was wonderful. I have also heard the Sphinx and Pharaoh many times at Quest For Sound in Bensalem, Pennsylvania. I think they both do a wonderful job. Never heard any speakers that I did not like with the Sphinx. Now that they have come out with version three, you may be able to find a version one or version two at an outstanding price.
Marantz pm8006 is a nice all analog integrated and can be had brand new for $1199 but can be found cheaper at times especially on Amazon. Alternatively a pm 14s1 reference can be found for 1500 used these days, originally priced at 2999....
I have the Anthem i225 and really enjoy the sound from it. It is would have to be a wonderful amp at a great price to switch.