Integrated Amp $1200 or less

I’m currently using an Anthem I225 integrated amp and am consider a different integrated.

I would prefer solid state.  I am not opposed to used and actually prefer that route if I can get more bang for the buck that way.

Im wanting something that still has enough power to drive my speakers (Fritz Carreras) to satisfyingly high levels.

I’m preferring an integrated so I don’t need an additional power cord and rca cords.

I’m open to suggestions.  I could be swayed into spending a little more if I can get alot more performance.

I’m looking for more refinement.  My source is a bluesound node 2i and I’m currently using the dac in the bluesound.  
I’d prefer getting an integrated with no dac and will upgrade my Dac later.  Again, I wouldn't rule out a great integrated that has a dac!

Thanks ahead of time for the suggestions!

B_limo, I agree  with the thought of upgrading to a separate DAC and delaying the purchase of a new integrated until more funds are available.  Many on this forum have declared true improvements when upgrading from the DAC within the Node. You have speakers you like, ones which will respond to improvements upstream. 

I would not let speaker cable termination determine an amplifier purchase when that time comes. 

The best to you and enjoy your search. 
I had a Cambridge Audio Topaz SR 20 (sadly discontinued) integrated amp hooked up to my Bluesound Node 2i And it sounded great.  Cambridge Audio products, as well as NAD products, apparently pair well with Bluesound products.  However, I went a different way:  I upgraded to the PowerNode 2i with HDMI.  This was due to space issues, but I figured the extra $350 was work it. 
I saw that somebody mentioned the Wyred 4 Sound Integrated sold by Underwood Wally. If you want to buy new,the 500 Mk II would be a great buy! One of my good Audio buddies purchased the original 500. I believe he got it for $700 on this site. I was shocked at how good it was. Have never been a huge fan of class D, but listening to the W4S changed my mind. My friend sold it to another friend who will never let it go. He likes it that much! I also thought the Peactree Nova 220 SE was an excellent sounding integrated. Wally closed them out at $999. They are a class D/tube hybrid. You can switch the tube in and out. They also come with a very nice built in DAC.
I have the Node 2i.  When I added a Topping D90 @ $630 the improvements were not subtle.  Better accuracy, sound stage, bass; basically all aspects of my sound were improved.  Topping also has a volume control and I plug it directly into my power amp. Denafrips is another a good brand for about same price.  I think those are R2R DAC. They were way back ordered last winter so I steered away.  Now they are available. I think a DAC would be a bigger improvement than buying an amp.  I did see a Rogue Sphinx V2 for sale.  I think about $1100.  I can be upgraded to V3 for about $500.  Lots of advise and options and that is part of the fun.  Many of the amps recommended here are Class d.  I steered away because I like Class A. 
I also have a Node 2i and a Topping D90 and am very happy with that combination. But going back to the original question, I have these going into an Outlaw Audio RR2160. This receiver is a great box that does a lot of things pretty darn good. Totally in the target price and has lots of options. Class AB, phono pre-amp, tuner, etc. There is a clean one for sale here (not mine).