Integrated Amp $1200 or less

I’m currently using an Anthem I225 integrated amp and am consider a different integrated.

I would prefer solid state.  I am not opposed to used and actually prefer that route if I can get more bang for the buck that way.

Im wanting something that still has enough power to drive my speakers (Fritz Carreras) to satisfyingly high levels.

I’m preferring an integrated so I don’t need an additional power cord and rca cords.

I’m open to suggestions.  I could be swayed into spending a little more if I can get alot more performance.

I’m looking for more refinement.  My source is a bluesound node 2i and I’m currently using the dac in the bluesound.  
I’d prefer getting an integrated with no dac and will upgrade my Dac later.  Again, I wouldn't rule out a great integrated that has a dac!

Thanks ahead of time for the suggestions!

I compared back-and-forth between the mhdt orchid and the bluesound dac using the Fritz speakers. Significant improvement, a more transparent and less edgy sound. It softened the digital harshness. I was very close to getting an audio mirror tubador dac which also seems quite excellent.
Had enough opinions ? Obviously, there are many good possibilities. The FRITZ speakers may perform well with tube amps but I wouldn't rule out solid state. Now here's something for thought. In as much as it's doubtful that you have access to a dealer that carries one or more of the suggested amp prospects, you might try this. SCHIIT AUDIO has amazed the audio market with some really over performing audio products including integrated amps. If memory serves, They offer, factory direct, a trial period for their products. If it doesn't "ring your bell", return it for a complete refund. A second thought on the same theme;  - - - the PS AUDIO "SPROUT". I haven't had the pleasure, but several credible reviews, pretty much rave about it's performance. And again, return it for a refund if your not happy. Both products I have mentioned have been said "to punch way above their (dollar) weight". And the best part of all, they are both well below your budget figure. 
I was earlier thinking about buying a Hegel but went another route but it could be nice brand for you to look at.

There is a Hegel H120 on Audiogon right now for about $2250 which is more than your budget but it includes a dac and a streamer which may make it worth the extra cost.