Integrated Amp $1200 or less

I’m currently using an Anthem I225 integrated amp and am consider a different integrated.

I would prefer solid state.  I am not opposed to used and actually prefer that route if I can get more bang for the buck that way.

Im wanting something that still has enough power to drive my speakers (Fritz Carreras) to satisfyingly high levels.

I’m preferring an integrated so I don’t need an additional power cord and rca cords.

I’m open to suggestions.  I could be swayed into spending a little more if I can get alot more performance.

I’m looking for more refinement.  My source is a bluesound node 2i and I’m currently using the dac in the bluesound.  
I’d prefer getting an integrated with no dac and will upgrade my Dac later.  Again, I wouldn't rule out a great integrated that has a dac!

Thanks ahead of time for the suggestions!

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Outlaw 2160. I love mine
I agree with the folks advocating for a new DAC, which is a big part of the reason I recommended the NuPrime.  But as the amp could maybe be more of a sideways move, adding a good DAC for around $1200 would definitely be an upward move from the Node’s DAC.  Given the sound characteristics you seem to be gravitating toward, I’d take a hard look at an MHDT Orchid DAC.  And I agree with your thought to wait until you have more $$$ to make a significant amp upgrade since your current amp is certainly no slouch.  Again, best of luck. 
Get a good dac first like nos dac then start from there if you want a life time enjoyment and can listen all days without fatigue!
I got a Proceed / Mark Levinson 2 channel Amplifier 200WPC superb Class A/B at $995.00 
The 225 is a damn descent integrated. For 1200 i think most out there would be a downgrade.