Integrated amp $1.5k for spendor 8SE


any advice for a new or used integrated amplifier for my spendor 8se speakers.

Room is mid-size, music is a mix of genres but have a particular fondness for classical/ chamber.

Sensitivity is a bit at the mid/low end, and significant impedance swings (down to 5 ohm, but rated as 8ohm speaker)

Am thinking plinius, exposure 2010s, ...

I ran a Bel Canto S300 with Spendor S8es and was very happy with the results. Plenty of power and very solid control of the bass with no trace of any solid state harshness. There is an S300i on Audiogon right now in for less than your indicated maximum price.

I now run Spendor SP1/2Es with a tube amp but I preferred the S300 with the speakers you have.
Thank you, MLsstl. I will definitely check it out. Ever considered LFD with spendors?
No, I'm not familiar with LDF so can't offer an opinion. However, I would mention that the Spendor dealer I've dealt with (Jeff Stake Hi Fi) is quite fond of Plinius and it was a good match when I auditioned the new Spendor line a few years back.