Integrate 2-channel or go all 5 channel

I'm at a crossroad and could use some advice. I'm looking to integrate a 2-channel into my HT environment. I have ~ $4K to spend and cannot decide whether to drop all of it on a modest 5.1 pre/pro and amp combo and retire the receiver, or integrate a 2-channel into the mix. Would I get significantly better sound from a 2-channel setup integrated into my existing environment? If I went 2-channel, I think I could do it for about half my budget. Today, I'm leaning towards the 2-channel. My preferred amp would be a McCormack DNA ??. I'm looking for recommendations for a pre-amp. The requirements are, HT passthrough, and a remote. I have 2-way monitors and want to keep my sub in the 2-channel mix. Does anyone make a 2.1 pre-amp? I also need some way to set the frequency cutoff between to mains and the sub.
Based on the need to use my sub, next week I'll probably be leaning towards all 5 channel gear, amp there probably would be a Bryston.
There are a couple questions buried in the above diatribe. I sure could use some guidance.

Existing equip:
Yamaha RXV-995 receiver
Vienna Acoustics Haydn mains
Denon DVD-1600 DVD/CD/DVD-A player
M&K MX-150 sub.

My musical tastes are mainly rock & roll, if you think Pearl Jam, that should give you a good idea. and techno(house mainly).

Thanks in advance
Look at a USed Anthem AVM-2 and the Anthem MCA-5
Great combo and you will have money left over.
I humbly suggest going 2-channel.
Well I don't have the experience of these other guys, but I'm in your same boat (except without the sub). Most audiophiles it seems will push the 2 channel system above all else, and I'm sort of leaning that way. A great point someone on here made to me was that you are not as picky with the sound in your home theater because you are also watching the screen, whereas for audio that's all you've got.

So I'm thinking (for me) get a separate amp/pre or integrated and bypass my receiver for music, and then passthru the same integrated for 2 channel during movies (powering center and rears through receiver). The other option I am considering is a 3 channel amp, which adds the difference that the center will get good power, even if the receiver's pre-amplification for the center isn't ideal.

Hope this helps somehow. Good luck.
Hello Mr. Snipes. I think much of this depends on which you feel is more important to you, HT or music. I tried getting decent music from my HT and was never happy, so started my journey through the audiophile sickness.

So it's no surprise I'm with Unsound on this one. The Haydns are good speakers [I had them in my home for a weekend], and I think a DNA.5 or DNA1 mated to a tube preamp like my Blue Circle BC21 [it doesn't come with HT pass-through, but it can be retrofitted] would help you get that big, smooth sound for blasting Pearl Jam and techno. For me mating a solid state preamp to a solid state amp for that type music might be a bit to strident, that's why I suggest a tube pre.

The Bryston amps you're considering are also very good. I'm using a 4B to drive my subwoofer and like it a lot.
To answer Gunbei's is what I'm trying to improve the most with this upgrade. HT could use more tightness and dynamics though. Would the 2-channel amp help here? I'd like to go 2-channel, but I need some way to set the crossover between the mains and the sub. If I could find a 2-channel pre-amp that satisfies my criteria(HT passthrough, remote and .1 functionality) then I'd probably go with that. Otherwise it seems like I'm being forced into the 5 channel game. If anyone knows of a 2-channel pre that would work here, or another solution in my price range I'd love to hear about it.
If you think your taste in music will not be changing for a good while then I would forget all about two channel and go for the best 5-7 channel system you can swing. sacd+dvd 5.1 system would give you the most fun for that kind of music. Make sure you get dolby pro logicII for all your 2 channel rock in case you want to hear it all around you. Add another sub also. You can get a combo player for sacd-dvd audio now. There are about 4-5 brands on the market. Get the people next door some ear plugs to, you no that stuff don't sound good till ya CRANK IT UP. Have fun.
If you are doing HT and it is of importance go with a multichannel system. There are many fine 5 channel amps out there which you would be very happy with. The Proceed Amp 5, CJ 5600, Rotel 1075 ect. All in a variety of prices and configurations to suit your taste. For 4000 you might be able to get a Proceed Avp and one of the other 5 channel amps. The Anthem combo might be good. However with HT you will not be satisfied with two channel. With regard to subs I would want to know room size before reccommending the second sub although I have one two sub setup that I love.
Ksales: For arguements sake, let's say I went with a Bryston 5.1 setup, Bryston 9st and Bryston SP1. I can pick up each for 2K used. I've heard many good things about the 9st and Bryston amps in general. The SP1 processor is supposedly based on their BP25 pre-amp. I've heard good things about this as well. At first blush, it seems I should get comparable 2-channel performance from this configuration as compared to a Bryston 2-channel rig. Assumption is the 2-channel rig would sound good. As for the second sub, well that isn't in the cards. My neighbor already comes over and complains about the bass...that's a sore subject with me right now. Being able to turn up my system loud is one of the main reasons I bought a house over a condo...
I'm curious about your thoughts on this scenario.
Snipes, do you plan on purchasing three more Haydns to round out your 5.1 setup or do you already have the center and surround speakers?
Gunbei: I have the Theatro center, pretty nice and some old Boston Acoustics dipoles for the surrounds. I'll eventually upgrade the rear speaks as $$ and a good reason permit. The current selection of DVD-A leaves alot to be desired, I still pick them up as they come out though.
I think the OutLaw ICBM (Integrated Controlled Bass Manager)will help, and it can perform bass management for your dvd-A. it just $250 only.
Thanks for everyone's response. I think I'm going to add a 2-channel rig into the mix. It's audio I'm looking to upgrade. The receiver and the 2-channel amp should work fine considering I'll be focused on my 55" Mits. Now I just have to decide on a pre and amp combo. I'll start a new thread, but any ideas?

Thanks again.