Integraded Amp

Looking for a 2 channel Integraded Amp with tone controls!I have a nice Integraded,should I add an EQ or would it be better to find an Integraded with tone controls?
Good integrateds don't have tone controls as a general rule. You're lucky if it has a balance knob.
Integrated amplifiers with tone controls are out there. My denon has them, and maybe only because it is not that good! A way out! Or elsewhere? I have not used them once in 5 years, and when I bought the denon I tended to think a good amplifier would not have them. Maybe that is true. However, an amplifier with a source direct or by- pass mode to put the tone controls outside operation might be another option for you. I can definately see the benefit of tone controls when recording, and then perhaps the more sophisticated the tone component the better. Then, perhaps, the outboard equalizer might be the way to go. Check out the Archives here for suggestions- thats the door at the end of the hallway.

Hi Gellis,
If you REALLY want tone controls there are the Denon and Marantz Integrateds.

I have had Denon recievers for years and am anxious to try something w/o tone controls for a change. Of course it will be more $$.
Try the NAD 320BEE. It is a great sounding integraded for the money. It does have tone controls, as well as a bypass for them.
What is your price range ? What is the current integrated that you like ? Why do you want tone controls, what do you currently feel is lacking ?
Talking about tone controls...Speedball, I have yet to use a tone control since 1987, when I switched everything to a tone controlless preamplifier. Sumo Athena I. To be honest, I do not miss them. I think when in comes to true sound, tone controls and the like do "color" the sound a bit. The best preamplifiers out there are just gain controls, nothing too boost, just to attenuate. There is a trueness to them that once you experience, you will never go back to.

PS: The only time I used a tone control is when I had a Denon receiver to run to a junky pair of JBL monitors...this system was actually my brother's. You do not need tone controls for anything extra.
The Rotel RA1070 has a contour switch instead of traditional tone controls. It does a fairly good job of giving you tone selections. I listened to this amp with B&W 705's at a dealer a few months ago. It sounded good for the price range. I think it has 100wpc. Check out their website for further info.
When I recommended that you go to Rotel's website for further info on the RA1070 I forgot to mention that you need to download the owner's manual for details of the contour switch.
To my knowledge you cannot add a EQ to a Integrated. I know, as I tried one time and it won't work.
Go with the McIntosh Ma6900, GREAT unit plus a 5 band EQ.
Seandtaylor99,I have a Pathos Logo.I want to spend around $3000.00.Alot of my 50s& 60s music needs a little help.They were not recorded very well in those days!
Gellis, why not get a parametric equalizer through the tape loop of your integrated, if there is one and save $$$$? The probability of looking sound quality is higher in your case than improving in the sound quality. Pathos Logos is a very high quality device, in contrast to the vast majority of the integrateds out there.

Good integrateds don't have tone controls as a general rule another audiophile's noncense.
If tone controlls could be switched off the integrated is as good or even better than the one without them no matter what price range you're surfing through.
I'm afraid I don't know of an integrated in that price range with tone controls. Paul's suggestion sounds the best to me as you keep your current integrated amp and the tone controls are completely switched out of the audio path when you don't need them.

It's funny though, since I got new speakers I'm starting to appreciate how well some of my 50s and 60s albums were recorded. The engineers had fewer toys at their disposal and it would appear that this was a good thing.
Another vote for the McIntosh MA6900. It has great controls and is extremely flexible (a must for a good preamp IMO). It also has a tone control bypass switch to remove them from the signal path if you so desire. Arthur
Musicmann, the A308 from Musical Fidelity does not have tone controls. As far as I know, nothing from Musical Fidelity has tone controls.
The best is to get a new or used Beringer DSP parametric computerized equalizer that goes for about $300-350 new and about $250 used. Try it via the loop and see how you like it. It is often that we try to pursue the undescribable just to later figure out that we might actually wind up with a worser sound quality, as well as wasted money.

MF stuff, is in a different league than the Logos. The Mac, if you are interested might be a decent compromise.

Check most of the audio systems in the virtual systems, not many have equalizers, except a Tact Digital DSP here and there.

The best option might be to buy an used Mac 6900 and use it for a while, before you decide to unload the Logos. You will lose little money in this sort of situation. 6900s maintain their value well, this is not the case with the Logos.