integra vs onkyo pre/pro 2ch sound quality

I fing lots of reviews and forums as to the similar specs between say an integra 80.2 and an onkyo 5508, but how do they actually sound compared to each other?

I currently have an onkyo 805 that i am running to nad amps, I would like to upgrade to an integra 80.2 or onkyo 5508 pre/pro. I am unfortunately using my onkyo for 2ch playback. I find the only way the receiver is tolerable is by using the pure audio mode. since the onkyo and integra share the same specs minus the pure audio mode on the integra, does the integra sound better then the onkyo in pure audio mode? even though the integra lacks that feature?

I dont care about specs I want to know how these sound. curious as to which unit sounds best for two ch playback.

Has anyone ever heard both these pre pros on the same system?
I had a thought while reading your post. It may come down to how much surround vs two channel you listen to. I have the 805, a little long in the tooth, but it works fine for movies. Would you consider using a preamp with HT pass through? I am using a Modwright pre pro with HT pass through since I mostly listen to stereo not surround sound unless I am listening to SACD or watching movies. You can get a much better pre pro for the money and use your 805 for multichannel. Just a thought.....
thanks, I downsized my system and I would like to get the receiver out of the chain to start with as I am not and prob will not use the internal amps again. Down the road I will prob add back in a dedicated pre amp, like a few years down. I just had a baby and sold all my high end stuff so the whole point is to compromise with a minimalist system.

I just want to know if the integra 80.2 actually sounds better then the onkyo 5508 for two ch playback even though the specs are virtually identical. no where does any one compare anything but the specs. this hobby aint about specs its about listening to s^!t..
Tgrisham, what do you mean by "I have the 805, a little long in the tooth". Also I couldn't find where modwright makes a pre/pro. Just a tube pre with the ht pass thru as you mentioned. I am not apposed to a different brand of processor but I like the features of the Onkyo stuff HDMI, phono, internet connection, and the amount of set up features. as well as the price they can be had at, if you have to have a one box does all unit it seems like that's it. marantz and yamaha pre pros are harder to find and tend to be out of my budget.
I've had both pieces (the Integra was a loaner from a local dealer and the Onkyo had been purchased with return rights) in my 2 channel system. After reasonably extended A/B auditioning, I heard no difference and decided to keep the Onkyo. A/B testing was two channel only, almost entirely using digital source material, and most often with Audyssey enabled.

IIRC, the Integra had a longer warranty, but I felt that didn't justify the price delta, but, as always.....YMMV.

BTW, I felt that both pieces outperformed their predecessors in my system handily. Those were a Joule Electra LA 100 and an ARC LS-5.
My fault. I meant pre not pre pro. Sorry. I understand the need to consolidate. I really like Onkyo equipment and they are a great bargain. Sorry I couldn't help more.