Integra Research RDC-7 Lack if bass management?

To alll RDC-7 owners.....What are you doing about the RDC's lack of bass management especially since DVD-Audio and multichannel SACD seem to scream for it. Curious as to solutions or if it hasn't been a problem.

I'm almost getting a RDC-7 but didn't know it lacks bass management! I thought the drawback was that it has a fixed crossover at 80Hz. Are you saying that the RDC does not have bass management for the 5.1 analog inputs or it does not have bass management at all?
I guess if it lacks bass management only for the 5.1 inputs all you need is to get external bass management (MK has one) or a DVD-A player with bass management (such as the Kenwoods). I'm not sure if there is any SACD player with bass management.
Please confirm that the RDC has bass management for DD, DTS, and other formats, so that I can go on and buy mine!

The above links should give you all of the answers you are looking for.

The RDC-7 is THX rated and has a fixed crossover at 80Hz if you select the speakers to small. The 5.1 input (multichannel input) is a direct input, no DSP modes, no bass or treble adjustments. As far as DD and DTS, yes there are bass and speaker adjustments. Just be aware that speaker size has a fixed output of 80Hz. This Pre is Awsome! I love mine.

There are rumors of upgrades to the bass management on the processor, but they also lean toward bass management on the DVD or SACD player.
Thanks for the responses. Ton1313 thanks for answering the Bass management question. I am interested in that rumor on the bass management upgrade. I know that THX calls for the fixed crossover of 80Hz but it would be nice to have the flexability to set it at 40 or 60 depending on what speakers you may be using.
I own the RDC-7 and you can adjust the bass and treble
on DVDA or SACD. I love the unit. Bass management for dvda and sacd is only an issue if you have satellite speakers that cannot handle bass. If you have general full range speakers, including bookshelfs, you will have no problem with bass management.
I own the Integra Research RDC-7 and the RDV-1 DVD Audio/Video player. I use a high quality DB-25 cable from Monster Cable and the ICBM Bass Management unit from Outlaw audio. The Outlaw ICBM has audiophile build quality and sound. It is highly frexible and highly reviewed. I am usually in sonic heaven, but that's another story. Good luck.
Just got my new RDC-7 yesterday and so far it is works and sounds great!

In addition to THX Ultra2, DTS 96/24, DTS-ES, DTS Neo:6, Dolby Digital EX and Dolby Pro Logic II, the new upgrade also allows a flexible crossover adjustment for the bass range (40, 60, 80, 100 and 120HZ) and it now features 96kHZ/24 bit upsampling for analog sound.