Integra Research RDC-7 any opinions???

I am in the market for a new PRE/PRO for HT and music. I am currently demoing a Sunfire Theater Grand Mark II, and in about a week, I will be able to A/B it with the RDC-7. After I choose the winner, I will compair against the Proceed AVP.

I have read extensive revievs of the RDC-7 and they have nothing bad to say about the performance and price. Guide to Home Theater has it rated as a "AAA" recommended component, right there with the Meridian gear.

I listen about 50% Music 50% Movies, So I am looking for the box that does it all, and does it well. I have a CAL Alpha DAC that I really enjoy, but I would like to cut down on the number of boxes in my rack.

The RDC-7 is MSRP at 4k, a chunk of change, but I want to make the right choice. The store that I am dealing with has a policy that within one year, they will credit full purchase price back toward a upgrade (more expensive) piece.

Any opinions, comments, or component recommendations are greatly appreciated.
I recently purchased a rdc7, I had a krell hts and was going to upgrade to the hts2, on a whim I audioned the integra, I bought it and saved 2500 from the krell. sonicly it is a steal at 4000, it has prologic 2 and dts ex also, analog bypass ,and 7 channel balanced outputs, I have owned krell, lex, classe and b&k, imo it is the best bang for the buck out there, good luck
anybody else?? Is this item so new that only few people have had a chance to play with it?