Integra Research as DAC - Can I use any cd transp

I'm on my way to get the Integra Research RDC-7 Pre-Pro. I was thinking on getting a cd transport and use Integra's internal DAC and the upsampling feature. This way, I guess I can get an CD-Megachanger and use it just as the transport to the Pre-Pro. What do you think? Will I get great sound using Integra's internal DACs and upsampling feature or is it better to get a single cd player with better DAC an use its analog outputs?

Can you give me recommendations of cd players (changers or single depending on your answer to the above question). I would like to spend around U$ 1-2k on the cd player/transport.
Use the DACS in the Integra, they are state of the art. I own the Integra. For Cd players there are aot of choices, but if you want to go with a multiple changer, just make sure it has a stable platter. Try reading up on the Sony SCD models on Audio Review and Audio Asylum. enjoy
I would prefer to get a Mega changer. Sony offers the CDP-M55ES ($700) and the CDP-M333ES ($600) which are 400 disc-changers. What do you think of these units? Will they be good transports for my purpose? I would also like to have some kind of internet connection (through computer or direct) to access information data-base.
I love the mega boxes, and for controlling from the computer them I use the Slink-e which also goes to the net and gets you all the disc info. The ES is the way to go, it sounds better than the regular Sony. There's a very recent post on this:
"Which cd/dv mega changer using an outboard DAC?"

Are the Sony available with silver faceplate or only in black? All my gear is silver so I would like to get with silver faceplate if possible. I never saw any silver megachanger though.