integra dtr 80.1

anyone with any experience with the above unit?

I was advised, that this product is free of the processing issues of Arcam, yet has wonderful audio along with superior video capabilities-

if you have input, please let me know---
Not exactly, but here's a thread on it...enjoy!
I haven't gotten a clear read on the "wonderful audio" aspect, and wish I knew the answer. I tried to audition a 80.1 with stereo CDs and SACDS with which I'm very familiar. The setup in the private home was less than ideal, so I couldn't conclude whether it was the audio of the 80.1 that was inferior to my vintage Proceed PAV/PDSD or that of the other components.

The Cary Cinema 11a has excellent audio, but is buggy; the Marantz AV 8003 is worth investigation. Michael Fremer praises the audio of both.