Integra DTR-8.3 for Analog System

Integra DTR-8.3 (use is soley for vinyl)
Rega P5
Need help in determining if my DTR-8.3 will be enough am p to drive MMG'S,system is set up only for vinyl .Listen to alot of classic rock
I don't have enough specific exp with vinyl, BUT, I do with Onkyo / Integra---they are simply wonderfully manufactured products---I have an Onkyo 905 receiver connected to B&W 800's with Lexicon Mono's--I have compared sound to the new Lexicon HD Preamp and the Halcro SSP-200---the $1500 Onkyo sounds better than either.
Depends on room size and SPL levels required. In a medium sized room, you should be able to go quite loud with that combo. In a reallly large room....

BTW, for rock, you might want to think about a sub (or 2) with your MMGs (particularly since your Integra allows crossing to subs internally). You'll pick up a lot of (50hz - 65hz) punch for kick drum and some overall "elbow room" when you shift the bass burden off the MMGs.

Good Luck