Integra dtr 50.4 receiver A and B stock?

I recently purchased an Integra 50.4 receiver from an authorized Integra dealer - The box that it came in was labelled "Integra DTR 50.4 (B)". When I asked the dealer about this, he mentioned that the "B" indicated 'black'. A colleague later mentioned that this may be B or refurbished stock.
There is no other documentation in the box that indicates that this is B or refurbished item - just curious if anyone knows any better, and what the "(B)" indicates.

If your box looks like the one in the picture here,

it is "A" stock. Your dealer is correct. Sometimes "B" stock comes in a different box that states refurbished. Should it be the same box, there will be a sticker or stamp that is obvious.
Thank you very much - this is comforting to know. I guess my buddy was just a bit green !
And you are welcome. Also, just so you know, my answer is from many years working in the audio industry, but retired now.