Integra DTC-9.8

Hey Guys,

I just got the Integra DTC 9.8 a couple of weeks ago and I just wanted to let everyone know what an amazing home theater processor this is.

For $1,700 I got a processor that not only decodes all of the new hi-def surround sounds, has it's own built in video processor, but also blows away my old Sunfire Grand III processor on sound quality from standard DVD's.

As an added bonus it comes with the Audyssey room equalizer which is amazing. My room really sounds like a home theater now.

The only caveat to my recommendation of this piece is that it's not for someone who wants to play music from it as well. As can be seen when you look at my system I don't need it for that. However, if someone wanted to do two channel audio and home theater then I would say pass and buy something more expensive. However if you just want digital processing for your home theater this thing competes with processors four times it's price(don't believe me? Read the reviews online).
VEry interesting Nrostov. My NAD M15 just died. Second issue I've had with NAD Master (the amp blew up too). So I'm looking for another pre/pro.

Can you say more about why you wouldn't use it for 2 channel? I'm not sure I followed the logic.

The issue is not 2 channel vs. multichannel since the inherent capabilities of each channel are exactly the same. It is the difference between the more than competent digital performance of the 9.8 and its marginal performance with analog inputs. So, if your 2channel sources, like mine, are digital, there's no problem with it.

Hi Tbone,

I am going off of the Stereophile review for the piece. I compared it to my system but it's really not a fair comparison. My two channel system costs $150,000. My pre-amp alone costs $19,000 so I wouldn't expect the Integra to compete with it.

I do have to say though that I think the two channel sound is better than my old Sunfire Grand III. I think in part it has to do with the fact that the integra uses the Audyssey system to correct the acoustic problems in the room
At the end of the day, and this is just my opinion, I don't think the quality of the resistors, capacitors, etc matters quite as much with movie soundtracks as it does with two channel audio. The more expensive units put higher quality components like that into their units because they know people are using them for two channel.

I think in your case though that the Integra, with the right amp, might be an upgrade over the NAD. I would do a google search for the Stereophile review of the Integra.
Very funny.

I wrote that review.

Hey Kal,

Really? Well then you are a good writer and I thought it was a great review! It helped me in my purchase. Thank You.

Tried one and was VERY disappointed, was looking for an upgrade with new lossless to replace Lex MC-8, not even close but did not expect to be based on price diff. Audio was not nearly as transparent, video on my Sony HD was degraded somewhat compared to 720p direct from DTv receiver.
Hi Tbonedeluxe,

Funny that you mentioned the NAD M15. I had an extra NAD M15 that I just bought and due to the change of heart I am not keeping it. Contact me if you wish to purchase it.

Demo unit. I brought it home and it just sat in the box. Let me know sir.