Integra DPS 6.7 DVD and SACD player direct to 5.1

Is there a way that I can bypass the surround processor preamp and just connect the DVD player right to the 5.1 channel amp (a Marantz MM9000)? I see there are all the multi channel audio outputs on the back of the DVD player, so I'm thinking I can just go direct from those to the amps audio inputs. Only problem is I can't adjust the volume through the DVD player. Any thoughts?
A preamp with a HT pass through would probably be the best way to go.
Got it. Thanks.
When you say you got it, does that mean you get it? Or did you get one?
I decided to go get a nearly new Outlaw Audio 975 surround processor. It was time to upgrade from my Marantz AV550 from before the year 2000.
A preamp with an HT pass-through would be useless for this since the pass-through bypasses the VC.