Integra DHC: New or used?

I’m trying to decide between a new Integra DHC 9.9 and a used DHC 9.8. The issue for me is price vs warranty coverage. You can save hundreds on a used item, but Integra does not support warranty transfers. Does anyone have comments on the reliability of the Integra gear? Mostly I’d buy new for the warranty, as the differences between the 9.9 and 9.8 seem pretty minor to me.
If there is a $1K difference in price I would go with the used unit.
Look closer at the feature sets.

I beleive the .9 has at least one item IMO worth having... it has a dynamic SPL monitor of sorts which prevents or lessens to some degree perhaps, the anoyance occurring when the channel you are watching commercials are way louder than the regularly sched. programing. For me that alone ... almost.... is worth the added expense as I've a few ch's here which do exactly that. it is more than an annoyance. the difference is so great you have to keep the remote on hand to mute the commercials so your speakers aren't put in harms way!

I think the .9 also has networking too.

I've had only one issue with any processor/receiver I've owned, and that came with my 8 year old Sony 444ES which needed a 'chip'. $125. Works as good as new now.

Processors today IMO are pretty stable. I'd have no problem buying a preowned one if it had all I wanted in it. If it is packaged well enough, and survies shipping, and works cmopletely upon arrival, I doubt there will be problems in the not too distant future.

it's a very valid thought however that a warranty is a nice feature and just one more of the considerations for or against buying new or preowned.

Given the savings on the used one were substantial and the above items addressed for shipping and upon receipt everyting worked, you're golden going used, IMHO.
The 9.8 is now the first gen of 3 Integra pre-pro's with the latest being the 80.1 The 9.9 can be had with 3 yr warranty and now is being packaged to dealers with the new 80.1 if you look carefully you can buy a a sizeable discount