Integra DHC 99 simple config Q’s

Hi Sports fans!

I want to ask some q’s regarding my Integra DHC9.9... just to make sure, as it's been a long while since I've really used the unit for more than TV oriented stuff... please.

1. Effectively, I’d like to use the 9.9 as a source switching device, outputting analog audio from various inputs, to my Tube preamp, for it’s HD tuner, CATV STB, XM/Sirius, etc.

What have others found they feel is the best output to use when feeding a line stage preamp?
Monitor out? Zone 2 or 3 out?

I’m guessing just use one of the Zone outputs configured as a fixed line out, not variable.

2. I need some clarification on XM & Sirius satellite radio… from what I’ve read in the DHC 99 manual, I think I need an outboard, XM/Sirius tuner & naturally a subscription, to scan or select those channels, the DHC 99 won’t get them just by plugging in an XM/Sirius antenna, right?

3. Are XM & Sirius the same joint? IOW, if I wanted to get XM & Siruius would I need two additional tuners, and two additional subscriptions, or just one?

3a. which XM/Sirius tuner is best suited for the Int DHC99?

4. Doesn’t the 9.9 allow for internet AND OR NETWORK audio streaming AND FIRMWARE UPDATES via an interface on the back panel?

I’ve only used mine sparingly since I bought and installed it. Only have CATV, and a BR DVD player connected to it…. Haven’t even hooked up an outside antenna to the AM/FM tuner!

Huge thanks for responding to these fundamental ‘setup for dummies’ Q’s.
1. Monitor out is for video signals, but you can use Tape Out, Zone 2, or Zone 3. When using Tape Out, switching sources will be done by main selector. Zone 2 and Zone 3 have switching that is separate from the main selector and each other. None of these will output signals from digital inputs, analog inputs only.

2,3,3a. Sorry, can't help here, but do know the 9.9 was current before the XM/Sirius merger. Just not sure what options you have since the 9.9 has separate inputs, and later equipment had a single input for satellite radio. Probably best to contact XM/Sirius.

4. The Ethernet and RS232 ports on the back panel are used for connecting the 9.9 to external controllers such as Creston, not internet or streaming.
Huge thanks ... sorry for the delay in getting back here on this topic. I ran into some really crazy stuff yesterday.

sort of figured most of them out, but your input on the switching and household remote gizmo interface fixed that worry.

I'd go with sirius most likely. Did Xm when it first came out and the fidelity was average to poor on the majority of channels. FM OTA signals sounded better actually.

A friend I go to church with has Sirius in his Lexus and listens to "OUTLAW" radio channle... they play a lot of americana. Ray Wylie Hubbard, John Prine, etc... and I like it a lot.

tried the Sirius free trial, with online access but the webpage GUI was impossible for me to operate well.

XM/Sirius support said to call Integra... so when I get an hour to kill waiting on hold, I'll give 'em a shout.

again, thanks much.