integra dhc-9.9 or onkyo pr-sc866

looking at the specs, these 2 pre-amps seem quite similar but the integra is about 50% more than the onkyo. there is not much written about the onkyo? Does anyone know about it? I plan to use it with a 5.1 magnepan 1.6r surround system and either odyssey stratos htc-3 + khargo amp, a parasound 5250 or at-1805?
They are the same and so is the pricing. Get which ever you get for a better deal.

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The Integra is the Onkyo flagship brand - sort of their Lexus. Tech support for both comes out of the same place. Don't know it for a fact but they probably come off the same assembly line. I suspect that resale on the Integra would be easier.

No one has studied all this as closely as Kal - follow his lead and be happy - I don't think you can buy anything better for anywhere near the money.

FWIW, IMHO the 9.9 is a definite upgrade over the 9.8
Ckorody wrote:
FWIW, IMHO the 9.9 is a definite upgrade over the 9.8
In features which may or may not be of value to you. They are not to me. AFAIK, they are:
1. The individual ISF-type configurations for each HDMI input.
2. The addition of Audyssey DynamicEQ and DynamicVolume.

Your move.

Thanks four your input. My thoughts were that it would be quite expensive for the integra/Onkyo to make substantial differrences in the 2 lines. I agree that the upgrades from the Integra 9.8 to 9.9 in worth the extra couple hundred dollars but Onkyo also had the SC885 and sc886 which I believe ARE THE SAME. However pricewise, on the great audio site AMAZON.COM the SC885 is $1000, the SC886 is $1100.
The Integra models are about $400 more. So, in my humble opinion, I think the best "bang for you buck" is the SC886 (9.9) rather than the SC885(9.8). A lot of this is window dressing. I play tennis and discovered that MOST of the yearly changes in tennis racquets involve the PAINT ONLY!
As an aside, now that I saved $450 on the Pre-Amp, I will of course spend it somewhere else, i.e. AMP! Any thoughts? I think I am either going for the Parasound 5250 @$1500 or the Odyssey combo which is $2150. Klaus really seems to know his stuff and when I spoke with him, he states he does upgrades on the HT-3 designed especially for the Maggies and had some B-Stock Khatargo which could save me some bucks.
Dave - while I generally defer to Kal, in this case I disagree with his assessment of the value of the new features.

The problem with the Reon processing in the 9.8 is that it is global - so what you apply to your cable box is also applied to your BluRay input. Practically speaking, in order to run your BluRay straight through, this means bypassing the Reon entirely. And it also means that if you have a separate DVD player you will let it do the upscaling locally - in my tests the Oppo outperformed the Reon by a bit so it wasn't a big compromise.

With the new set up, you can bypass or apply the Reon to each video source separately to optimize it for your set up. I think this is particularly worthwhile if you have a lot of older gear in the system where adjusting sharpness, contrast and the like would make a nice difference.

While I can understand a purist not wanting the new Audyssey features I see a plus in anything that compresses commercials to the preset listening level. I haven't heard it but I suspect that I would be willing to live with compressed explosions in exchange.

And I am hopeful that it will enable listening at lower levels without compromising the intelligibility of the dialog which is the main reason I turn the volume up.
I agree,
BUT if SC866=DHC-9.9 and is better than SC865=DHC.9.8 , and DHC $$$ >>SC=$$, so best bet SC866!
Dave; I don't think you can go wrong with the odyssey amps as Klaus is very straight shooter in Audio;in my opinion he is the solid state version of Ralph from Atmasphere audio; probally 2 of the best guys to deal with in audio as had been my experience.
By the time I was ready to buy the prices for the onkyo was about the same as the integra.

I got all sort of mish mash about the differences until I found one knowlegible dealer(I don't think this is dishonesty just lack of knowlege) who had been a dealer for a long time as well as a service center.I forgot to ask if he was also a service center for onkyo.
He said The only difference is the warranty which I think is worth for integra about $50-$75.
B stock is a whole different story. I was a part owner in Decibel Audio and some B stock manufacters were very good and others we would avoid.