Integra DHC-80.2 or Onkyo Pro PR-SC5508 ?

How are the differences in sound quality via HDMI digital and analogue in each of these units as they have comparably the same specs. Which is more favoured for sound quality and features for 5.1/7.1 home theater and 2.1 stereo sound? I have an Onkyo Pro SC-885 at the moment and want to upgrade. My blue ray player for music/movies is an Oppo 83SE and will be upgraded to the 95 in a few weeks time. I am 65 movies and 35 music and use the analogue 2.1/5.1 in the Oppo 83SE as its quality is way better than the Onkyo 885. Any suggestions.....

Regards Bacardi
I really doubt that are any sonic differences at all between these two items.