integra dhc 80.1

hi everyone, just got a dhc 80.1 recently and i was wondering if i can use one 5 channel amp with rca connections and one 5 channel amp with xlr connections at the same time into my integra dhc 80.1.

if yes, do i have to change any settings in the menu or is it just plug and play.

thanks all
Plug 'n play. Of course, they will play at different levels.

I was wondering what the difference is between this model and the 80.2? Looks like I am moving, and building a new house, so I am starting to look at gear for a dedicated media room. It will be primarily for 2 channel, but I will have a projector in there, so I might as well get the whole surround gear hooked up nicely.

The diff is the 80.2 is 3D ready
also the 80.2 has audyssey xt32 opposed to just audyssey xt on the 80.1.

also, audyssey sub eq which calibrates your sub crossovers thru the microphone.
Actually, the Audyssey Sub EQ HT, included with XT332, permits control and EQ of multiple subs. All versions of MultEQ will EQ the subwoofer.