Integra 9.9 v 40.1/.2 MAIN DIFFS ??

I believe I want to get either an Integra 9.9 – 40.1 or 40.2 BUT a couple things aren’t clear to me between these models… apart from the fact they all have been very well received.

1 does every change in audio sound field, display resolution, input selection, etc get displayed on the main display screen even if connected via HDMI… or ANALOG? If one wishes it of course.
My onkyo SR 805 DOESN’T indicate anything but the MAIN menu on the screen, and in so doing eliminates the current video image.

2 all of these have tuners built in, right?

3 from the 9.9 & on, all of these allow for individual source video alterations to be input and saved, right?

4 is the only diff from 40.1 – 40.2 the addition of 7.2 analog inputs?

5 do any or all of these allow for distribution of digitally input info to be output to the second or third zones?
My 805 ONLY allows analog inputs to be output to zones 2 & 3… no digital inputs get rerouted.

Lastly, is or was there any significant improvement or drop off in audio or video performance anywhere in this group?

One of my local dealers has all 3 units…. But wants $1695 for the 9.9… and it’s an operating demo…. I believe the 40’s are less pricey… so I thought to ask here to help me better choose between these models… or maybe I just need to find another dealer. There seems to be quite a few around.

One very big difference is that the 9.9 has Audyssey Multeq XT and the 40.x's only have multeq.

The 40.x's can be found for maybe 1/2 the price being asked of the 9.9.

You might also check out the 80.1 because the 80.2 is out and shipping to dealers, so you might get a great buy on the "old" model.

The 40.2 is Hdmi 1.4, the 40.1 is Hdmi 1.3


wrote>> One very big difference is that the 9.9 has Audyssey Multeq XT and the 40.x's only have multeq<<

and that's big? why?

money, I'm afraid to say is a major consideration now... I'm going to need to stay around the grand mark or as close to it as I can... if this is going to be done.
I think that 1.4 can decode 3D content.
Too bad you didn't see the 40.2 that sold on eBay a few weeks ago new in the box for just over $300. I tried to get a co-worker to get it, but he got greedy and then gave up. It was a buy-it-now for a long time around $300.

I think the biggest difference in between the 40.1 and 40.2 is the 40.2 is 3D TV compatible, probably the difference in the HDMI connection. I think the Audyssey on the 40.1 or 40.2 should be fine. When you're doing critical two channel listening you should be in direct mode which bypasses it. I doubt you'll complain about the home theater results.

I have a 50.1 and really like it.
3-D... yeayh... that and the 7.2 analog inputs. Makes sense.


New for $300? I'd have been to skeptical to have bought it, personally.

50.1? Sweet jumpin' jellyfish! Integra engineers need to lay off the cafine. People are going to get gun shy of Integra releases... seeing them come out every few months. and watching their recently new products get outdated. Amazing. it's just like receivers!
Have you checked out their website? They have several different series 40, 50 & 80 and the .1 is the older version and the .2 is the newest version that is slowly working it way up through the series. the 50.1 and 40.1 are more than a model year difference.
You should strongly consider the new Denon 3311 which also can act as a preamp. It has all the latest codec's, HDMI 1.4 and Audyssey Multeq pro....all for under $1000 (there are a couple being sold here for under $900).


yes... I did a bit back, looking thru the diffs from one model to another. I missed the 50.1 completely though. I saw only the two 40's and 80's.


Thanks. I'm really not interested in another reciever this go 'round... ONLY a proc.

3-D is of no value to me at all.

If I were able to find even an ONkyo prre/proc which was HDMI 1.3, and of recent release or on close out, that'd be OK too.

I want to noticeably improve upon my Onkyo TX SR 805 receiver's pre/proc duties, so it can trickle down into another system.

I feel a dedicated pre/proc ought to be better than a receiver being used as a pre/proc.

Consequently, I'm thinking of choosing between the CURRENT Integra units... and the older 9.9.