Integra 9.8 video comes and goes?

I have an Integra 9.8 processor.It has started to drop the video occasionally, but the audio portion plays. I have unplugged it and rebooted it, which works sometimes, but now doing it more frequently.
I read online that if i run the video from my dvd player to the projector and use digital coax, i lose all the processing features? Anybody else have these problems? Should i send it in for repairs? How is Integra's customer service? Thanks.
Try swapping your HDMI cable for a known-good one. Of course, I'm assuming you're using an HDMI connection...

Not the cable, and when i ran straight to pj its fine. Tech said try reset by holding vcr button down for few seconds and then hit power. Will try that when i get off work.
I have been down that road. It's time to throw it in the garabage and get a new one. The hdmi board is toast. It will cost you over $1000 to get it fixed and it will take forever to get it back. Buy a Integra 80.2 or 80.3 and move on. The sound/video quality will be much better.
i don't think it's correct that you'll lose all the audio processing features if you use digital coax from your dvd, only the super-hd codecs (true hd, dts hd), which i believe require the higher bandwidth of hdmi. so a couple of ideas for you if you want to keep your otherwise-functional processor: (a) you could connect the hdmi out from your dvd to the processor and component out from the dvd to your tv, (b) you could forgo the hd codecs and connect the dvd's coax to the processor and hdmi directly to your tv, or (c) you could use an hdmi splitter (i.e. hdmi out from dvd into splitter, then hdmi splitter out to processor and out to tv. good luck.
Thanks for the suggestions. I just went out of warranty and i faxed a bill of sale....They are reviewing it to see if i fall in the grace period. If that does'nt work i'll try Loomis's ideas. I hate to buy a new one for $1600 or so!