Integ Amps - Krell 400xi or Musical Fidelity A3.5

Currently running a Portal Panche integrated with Audio Analogue Paganini CD, Tyler Linbrook System 2, Signal cable silver resolution IC and bi-wire SC. Listen mostly to smooth jazz. Entertaining getting an amp with more power and am entertaining the Krell and Musical Fidelity amps listed above. Any experience with either or both of these and your take on them?

I went from the Panache to a Classe CAP-151. Only 50 watts more but a major sonic change. Better or worse is a matter of perspective as the Panache is one easy amp to listen to.
It sur is nice to have remote control though.

I have had both units..............the krell --to my ears -- is a far superior unit..however ,I would inform you that although it is not mentioned often, the Krell is used to best sonic advantage with the XLR inputs as oppossed to the RCA single ended...Not only does this come from my experience with the xi 400 but if you take the time to call Krell and speak to them they wil tell you flat out that the Krell 400 xi was built from the ground up with the best sonic results from the XLRs. That said I will tell you I have an excelent Krell 400 xi for sale now on audiogon--but in general I felt I should write you and " spill the beans" on the Krell so that you would be well informed before making any decision.........

good luck nd god listening,
Thanks for responding Blotto. Have decided over the last week to stick with the Panache for the time being, and then try separates after doing some 'homework'.