Int-Tude Amp for ProAc1sc?

Hi. I'm looking for the Int-Tude Amp for my ProAc1Sc.
Can any one recommend? I like warm vocal & violin.Thanks !
Rogue Audio Magnum Tempest 60W ultralinear 40W triode. Very refinened and with good power to drive relatively ineffecient monitor like the proac's. They go new for $2695. The regular non- magnum version is also nice for $2195 if that better fits oour budget.
One of the best combo's I heard (and also owned) was the 1sc with a Cary 300SEI (w/ WE 300B's) ... if you do not have a large room, this set-up would be hard to beat especially for your music preference you mentioned.
Audio Research CA-50 is a perfect match for the 1SC's
I would second the Cary suggestion, or perhaps at a slightly lower price point you might consider a Conrad Johnson CAV50, which should sound wonderful with the ProAc's. I've never heard the Rogue, but everything I've read about it so far it has been good. The only caveat I'd have with the AR suggestion is that while its a very good quality integrated amp, it doesn't provide a particularly warm sound, which is what you mentioned you prefer. Still, the ProAc/AR sound is well suited so it might be worth considering.

It might be worth noting that all of the suggestions to this point have been tube amps, and probably with good reason. From my limited experience, I've found that there are many solid state amps that will drive the ProAc's well and sound pretty good, but in general ProAc speakers simply sing with tubes. Unless you're averse to the maintenance overhead (and costs) associated with tubes, you might consider leaning in that direction.
I've never owned Proac 1sc before but have tried many different mini monitors with some moderate power(40-80watt) tube intergrate amps like Cary, Conrad-Johnson, VAC. etc, I can tell you this if you looking for rich, warm, and lush sound go for VTL or Rogue.
Hi Jeffery, I don't know what you budget is but the Viva Sentesi 12 watt Integrated SET amp is magical with this speaker.
I've got the Unison Research SR-1 pushing a pair of 1SC's. It is a very well built amp & rolling the ECC82s has produced a fine combo. Jeff Lynne's ELO remasters, Flashback, is quite the treat....
Thank you very much.I will try the Audio Research
CA50. Thanks a lot !!
Really the Rogue is so much better than the AR CA50 you owe it to yourself to give a listen you will be blown away by the difference. I disagree with the above poster that says that Rogue gear is warm and lush, their 66 pre is just the slightest bit warm but their other gear including the Magnum Tempest is very open and transparent.
I will try the rogue magnum tempest too.find out
which one fit my taste.thanks every one !!!
I've saw a magazine says the Linn Classik Integrated
Amp is very match the ProAc 1SC.Is that true? Any
comments? Any one using the Linn Classik Integrated amp
to drive the ProAc 1SC ???? Thanks a lot !!!
The reality is that ProAc speakers in general can easily accomodate a variety of electronics, which probably speaks for their ability to present a fairly consistent load. The CJ/AR/Linn sounds are about as different as you can get, but the ProAcs tend to sound good with all of them. You really do need to figure out what kind of sound you want (for myself, I lean towards a big, warm sound which is why I recommended CJ) and then give the speakers a whirl with electronics that will provide it. You're not so much assembling parts are you are building a system, so keep the end result in mind when experimenting with the components.

Good luck,
The ProAc 1Sc's pair very well with the Classik - this is my set-up for music in a family room. Sound is terrific even witht he cheap speaker cables included, but will be upgrading to something like the Linn K400's for biwiring. Where was this article featuring this equipment combo? What cables were they using?