Int. Amp. to drive sonus faber minima vintage

I recently got a pair of sonus faber minima vintage speakers. Fot the moment i drive them with a Krell S300i but although the sound is nice overall i find it a little cold. Now i am thinking to move to tubes. The are placed in a relatively small room (4x4m). Curently my thoughts are over Pathos TT. Do you think is sufficient to drive them? Do you have any other recommendations?

Speaker's specs are:
Tweeter: 1.1” (28mm) ultra dynamic silk soft dome ferrofluid driver
Midrange: 4.75” (120mm) cellulose acrilate cone driver with vented basket design
Crossover: Non-resonant pure first-order design; optimized phase characteristics for optimal space/time performance; crossover point 2 kHz
Frequency Response: 55Hz – 25kHz, tuning port included
Sensitivity: 84dB SPL (2.83 V/1m)
Nominal Impendance: 8 ohms
Power Handling: 25W – 100W, without clipping
Try moving them around.
The Pathos is a nice amp and might serve your needs. I am concerned with the speaker's sensitivity rating of only 84db. I took a glance and couldn't find anything more specific about their impedance than the 8 Ohm specification; I would like to see a chart. Your preferred listening volume and musical tastes should weigh heavily in your decision. Myself? I would like to be much closer to that higher 100W limit than the lower 25W limit.
I've heard many sing praises for the synergy between SF and McIntosh. You may want to look at the MA6600 or MA7000.
Already impressive results with Audia Flight 2 integrated and Transparent Music Wave Super speaker cables. What you need is a "good" 100W pc amp and preferably good output at 4 Ohm. Later I acquired the then top Audia combo of Flight CD 1, Pre and Flight 100. This unexpectedly overdrove Minima even at ordinary volumes. Eventually speaker cables were switched to Renaissance Silver.
This combo was later used to drive larger and more difficult speakers. All my mini monitors remain attached to the integrated.