Int-Amp to drive Acoustat 1+1 speakers

I am just getting into hi-fi. I have found a pair of Acoustat 1+1 speakers and now will be looking for an int-amp to drive them. My budget is only 500.00 dollars, so i know my options are limited. Any help would be appreciated. My room is 25x18x8. I do have a large collection of cd's, mostly rock, which i have been listening to on a cheap boombox. Thanks
Wow..$500.00 is tough for an integrated of any quality for these nice speakers which are not the easiest to drive, especially to moderately loud levels. Plenty of amps in the $500.00 range. But for an integrated the Jolida 1501RC ( remote too) comes to mind. 100W/ch. Mosfet SS output with a tube input stage. This should get you there. Retail is about 950.00 and I think there is one on the goN now for about $600. used. Maybe you can negotiate a little. Good luck.
Kehut said it well. Back in '81 or so this speaker driven by Mcintosh ss with a linn/ koetsu-rosewood, was the best I had ever heard at that time. For years 'that' sound was my benchmark.
Get an old Luxman, L110 ideally. It'll drive the cr*p out of them.
why dont you find a used Hafler DH 500? This will drive the 1+1's very well and also provide all the potential up grade fun you could ever ask for. If you can manage a diy project look into the Hypex UcD400 modules. You ought to be able to build up (assemble) a stereo UcD for under 500 bucks and it will be close to state of the art and it will drive your speakers. Good luck have fun, these speakers are better than you have any idea. Keepers for sure all kinds of mods can be done to them. Best regards Moray James.