int-amp for Paradigm Studio-20s? ... tube or SS?

I recently ordered a pair of Paradigm Studio-20 bookshelves for my living room, stereo 2.1 system ... music only. This will be my "grownup"system .. jazz, classical, blues, some rock. Looking for refined, clean sound ... not into really loud music.

Anyway, I've heard that speakers "like" certain types of amplifiers for driving them. Some like the tube sound .. other do better with SS amps.

Looking for advice for my Studio-20s. I have only one good audio store within 50 miles so it's hard to borrow demo amps to try. Do you think I should go tube ...or SS
... or hybrid?

Also, what models to recommend?

This is for an integrated amp. Thinking that 50-75 w/ch would be fine. Budget is < $900 preferred (can be used)

I own the V4 version of this speaker, and can vouch for the bright and revealing tweeter comments of this specific model. I bought a tube Preamp to solve this issue and have been quite satisfied with the results. Yes... go the tube integrated route, you won't regret purchasing the Studio 20.

Rob- I forgot to mention I bought these speakers new, and they require an extremely long time to break in.
Long break in? They sound good out of the box though, right?
The mids and the bass from the 7" woofers were excellent right out of the box. The highs from the metal tweeters though is another story. My previous speakers had silk domes and could have possibly biased my initial perceptons of the Studio 20's metal dome tweeters. All is well now after 4 years of use, and of course the tubed preamp.