Int amp and Dynaudios

For all of you Dynaudio owners, and there are plenty of you, what is your favorite int amp - dynaudio combo and why? I have focus 220 mk II's currently being driven by a musical fidelity A308 150wpc integrated. Curious to hear what other dynaudio owners are driving their loudspeakers with and why you chose that pairing.
I use Bel Canto Class D monoblocks with mine but for an integrated I would go for a high power Class D design there as well, something like Wyred4Sound or BEl Canto. The more dynamic headroom you can provide Dynaudios, the better.
Not my setup, and technically not an integrated, but is a one box unit, and an excellent pairing with the Dynaudio Focus 340:

Click on the link below:
NAD M2 amp with Dynaudio Focus 340

Crystal clarity, dynamic, open midrange, and solid bass foundation. Just bought an M2.
m2 is an integrated I thought? although one that operates more in the digital domain than traditional. i still need to hear one. definitely where things are heading (and for the better).
No preamp in the NAD M2 so in the traditional sense of an integrated (amp/preamp)it's not that. But in the sense that it is a dac/digital amp it is an integrated of sorts.
I have used various dynaudio speakers audience 42, contour 2.5 and C4 with the Outlaw 2150 (not good at all) Creek Destiny and Sim Audio i5.3. I think the simaudio suits the dynaudios the best of the bunch though the destiny is not far behind. I would think the more power the merrier with any dynaudio speaker as they are on the lower hungry side. They all come to life even more when I play them through my main system with 500 watts of power. Would like to try the NAD M2 that seems like a really cool option and then you've got your DAC as well.
For all of you Dynaudio owners, and there are plenty of you
Srz888 03-10-13
Apparently there aren't plenty of them. Either that or they're not here.
Srz888, in my experience Musical Fidelity pairs very well with Dynaudio
speakers. However, as you can imagine, there are many more brands that pair
very well with Dynaudio, e.g. Plinus, Pass Labs, Accuphase, Octave and Sim
Audio (in no particular order).

I am not so sure about the NAD recommended above. The reason is that some
years ago I have compared a Musical Fidelity A5 amp (2500 euros back then)
with a NAD M3 (3500 euros or more back then) both driving a pair of
Dynaudio Contour S1.4 speakers. The A5 literally moped the floors with the
NAD. (On other more efficient speakers the NAD was a bit more detailed than
the A5 but the NAD was simply not fit enough to drive the Dyns.)

Regarding the power requirements, be aware that quality is much more
important than quantity. I have driven the Dynaudio C1 speakers very very
nicely with a 30 (class A) watts (in 8 ohms) Accuphase integrated. There are a
few other people here that use similar "small" integrated or power amps.
(Look for posts by Xti16, Kzhtoo and also at my review of C1 vs Micro Be for
more info.)
My neighbor is using an Audio Flight One with his, and it's a nice pairing. When we tried my Ayon Triton with it, things got a bit fat sounding. I'd have to say that fast, clean solid state is a better pairing than tubes with the C1's.
Krell kav500i,just later bought dynaudio contour s1.4 and confidence c1.Why? because dyns were known like not harsh sounding speakers and demanding power.Better say powerfull sounding amplifier which makes dyns rock.For example driving contour s1.4 with 50watts technics amp su-a700mk2,to boost or adjust midrange and bass I use equalizer
Extravaganza are you saying the Krell KAV 500i is a poor match with Dynaudio?
Not poor,very good,especially with confidence ,anyway I saw krell offering new int amp s550i :)
what I wanted to say,ears of human accepts diffrent sound approach in some period of time .
Srz888 I started with the original C1's being driven with a Bryston B100sst and thought it sounded great. Then one day my dealer brought over an Octave V70SE. The tubes weren't even warmed yet and I was convinced how much better it sounded. Even though the Octave had 1/2 the power @ 4ohms it just sounded so much more in control. Now with the Octave I can swap out tubes and change the sound from extremely musical to almost SS sounding.
Srz888 Forgot to mention Dyn's like and sound best with good clean current - not necessarily watts.