Insurance On Equipment

Since many of us spend a good deal of money on our hobby, how might we insure our investment against fire and theft? Is homeowner's insurance sufficient or do some of you have special policies?
My home owners policy has an explicit full replacement costs clause and it is large enough to cover the home and gear. I have a rider with a specific inventory which includes my gear.
A rider on the policy is needed with a complete listing of every component and it's cost. You will also need receipts for each unit. There is a charge for each $1000 of cost and each insurance company is different but I'd imagine that they are all in the same ballpark with their fees. Also, having your unbits on video wouldn't hurt
I'll soon find out what is involved in specifically covering all of my "gear". I'm in the process of documenting ( via video tape ) and itemizing all of my major belongings for insurance purposes. Once this is done and i have itemized everything, i intend to pay a visit to my insurance agent so that we can compare notes. I can't wait to see the look on their face when they see the total for "electronic goodies"... : ) Sean
Why wouldn't the regular personal property coverage take care of this?? My policy has $175,000 of replacement cost coverage already. I do not own that much property as it is!! Why should I pay even more for the audio gear??
I don't pay a significant amount more per $1000 for my named rider. But for unusual stuff it easier to process a claim for exotic equipment that a claims adjuster might never of heard of or doubt that you owned (what if your receipts burned with your house). These types of riders are very common for antiques, jewelry and collectibles.