Instrument that showcases your system

Hey guys n' gals!

I was about two hours into a listening session this afternoon when I made the statement that "I've never heard another system make a cymbal sound like that".

Are there tracks and/or instruments that your system reproduces very well? So well that you play those specific tracks and point out "listen to this part!"?

As I said, for me, it's cymbals of all types, rides, splash, and high hat specifically. This is particularly odd, given I don't have a metallic tweeter (no tweeter, actually).

I'd love to see what you've all got to say!

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Maybe the single full range driver in your speaker manipulates the part of the treble range that adds the crispness/attack component of cymbal sounds. I have never owned a single driver speaker, but it was my understanding that they are limited in their treble extension, but I also know that it's easy to fool our ears with careful design.
Yes Iknow what you're talking about, my system reproduces voices and acoustic guitars very naturally and realistically, especially with well recorded soundtracks. On several Jack Johnson tracks I can hear his fret hand sliding on the strings as he changes chords. Once the note is struck, there is a good sense of bloom and resonance recreated that sounds very euphonic but very natural at the same time. FWIW, I didn't attain this sound until I substituted a tubed VTL preamp for my prior ss Adcom 565 preamp. Happy listening.
Female vocalists with the added sheen in thier voice. Sinead OConnor has it.
Any music by Bartok'
Nearly any music by Stravinski,
Debussy Piano music
Beethoven string quartets
Maria Callas
Ventures: Pipeline (on Surfing with the Ventures)
Mozart: Extante Jubilante sung by Emma Kirkby
Die Kluge by Carl Orff
Doors: Morrison Hotel
The Roches (first album)
Susan Vega early stuff
Tracy Chapman (first album)
laura Nyro "Christmas and the Beads of Sweat"(NOT santa- rather about Heroin addiction: may bother some folks by content)
Plenty of same old same old rock spectaculars...
Tired of listing stuff.... 8^)
Horns , I heard the speakers I now own about two years before purchase , I commented that they were the best speaker I had heard with horns , think it was Miles . They still have this magic , when Miles or someone is blowing I'm often startled enough to look up and see if someone's in the room . The newer preamp helps to give musicians that in room feel too .