Instant Karma, John Lennon or the Beatles??

We all know that Instant Karma is a masterpiece with that great chorus, We All Shine On, Like The Moon And The Stars And The Sun. Is that listed as The Beatles or Lennon, what album and who is playing the drums? If you listen to the track you will hear the drums mixed up front as the lead instrument. Incredible.
It's a John Lennon song. Can't help with the rest.

I'm going strictly on memory here. John Lennon and the Plastic Ono Band. This track wa on "Live Peace in Toronto." On a limb, Jim Keltner on drums.
I had that album as a teen, it was just released. Any way my brother and I were listening to it VERY LOUD when our mother was driving up the street returning from grocery shopping. She came storming into our room and through the tone arm across the record screaming how she could hear the music at the end of our street. The album was ruined but we listened to it over and over anyway.
Someone will look the info up on web and corect me I'm sure.
John Lennon and The Plastic Ono Band
Apple 45, not on LP until 1975 Lennon greatest hits LP entitled "Shaved Fish" and then on subsequent Lennon compilations.
George Harrison on guitar and piano
Klaus Voorman on bass and piano
Billy Preston on organ and piano
Mal Evans on piano
Alan White on drums

Some people from a local pub on background vocals.

(This from memory. Various websites may provide additional or better details.)

The UK and US mixes are different - Phil Spector mixed the single for the US, and Lennon mixed the single for the UK. John's mix is noticeably more raucous.

Great tune, with two videos made at time of release.
Yes I thought from memory it was first released on the "back" of a 45. Also Live Peace in Toronto , even though it does not contain Instant Karma, is available as well on a DVD Video.
Alan White on drums... really!
I believe he also played some drums on Harrison's "All Things Must Pass"
Boy what a switch to playing with Yes.
Alan White on drums. Not Jim Keltner as the second guy said.
He also appears on the video of the song from the Top of the Pops. 1970. His first hit single after Give peace A chance. Unfortunately recorded too hot. Some distortion the
My memory was pretty crappy on this one. It was a long time ago. Great song though, great lyrics.
I remember buying this originally on Apple 45, although it certainly wasn't considered the B-side.
Your right Bob, it was the A side, The B side had Who has seen the Wind, by Yoko.
I was wondering if you play Yoko ONO music backwards could it demagnitize my system?
What a sub talent!
There is now a Broadway show called "Lennon" produced with Yoko's blessing. How very crass is that?