Installing replacement drivers in KEF 103/3

I just received a replacement set of tweeters for my KEF 103/3's reference monitors. I unmounted the old driver, was faced with an opening I could barely get my whole hand into, and as far as I can see and feel, it is impossible to reach behind the crossover to detach the old drivers' cables and plug in the new driver connectors to the crossover. As far as I can see, my only option is to unsolder the original cables leading out of the crossover where they connect to the original driver, unsolder the cable on the new drivers, then solder the old cables to the new driver. Can this be right? Seems rather inelegant. I'm wondering if you have to take the entire speaker apart from the bottom. Has anyone else done this and do you have any tips or success stories? THANKS a lot
Ccschubert: soldering onto the old cable is what I have done until now... Unless you can gain better access to the c-over through the woofer/mid opening -- you're stuck with that option. Good luck!
Here is what KEF in the UK had to say on the topic:

Dear Mr Schubert

The correct way to do this would be to solder the wires onto the crossover,
however this does involve removing the bottom panel. The easiest way would
be either to remove the front plate from the tweeter and solder the
existing wires direct to the tweeter. This would probably be a 2 handed
job. The other alternative would be to splice the new tweeter wires top the
existing wires.
Any mutlicore type solder will suffice, but only heat it enough to briefly
melt the solder long enough. to attach the wire.

Clive Pitt
Service Department Manager
KEF AUDIO (UK) Limited / Celestion Consumer Division