Installing new wires in room with hardwood floors

I want to feed a new cable tv wire and Ethernet wire into room with a hardwood floor (going through wall more difficult and thru floors may be less visible).  Wires being fed up thru basement ceiling access.  Need a plug-in style outlet for cable and Ethernet jack access at floor level. Interested in ideas on how to get these wires into a room. 

There are a lot of plug receptacle options at Parts Express . com  I'd check with them, what you are trying to do is pretty straight forward.
I quickly searched and found this on Amazon:

I’m sure there are others available. 

Here’s the thing, you want a box made for mounting in a floor, with protection, as to install a standard box, receptacle, and plate, made for a wall, would allow dirt, dust, and possibly fluids to easily enter. A box, receptacle, and cover made specific for floor mounting provides some protection. The rest, as stated, is pretty simple for your case (simply feeding from the basement).

I run my cables under the floor (via basement), and then route them into the walls near my equipment a foot or so above the floor.
It requires a little fishtaping, but the floors don't need to be drilled into.
And would be much cheaper than dedicated floor boxes and protective cover plates.

there are good reasons to utilize floor boxes, but they come at an expense to do it correctly.
Just poke them through. Avoid signal degrading  receptacles. Going cross joist, drill through.
Why not wiremold along the wall with a surface mounted box. There are many types to choose from...

Go through the wall down to the basement by drilling through the bottom plate into the void between the floor joists. A flex drill bit will enable you to drill through the electrical box cutout in the drywall.
I have a drop ceiling in my basement that helps hide a lot of wires.  I did drill a small hole in the hardwood floor in the living room above it to run Ethernet wires.  The hole is hidden by some built in shelving in the living room.  It’s been there 7 years now.  I guess I might have worry about it when I move, 
i have holes in hardwood floor in one room. Works but not ideal. Thought I could do a floor plate but I guess you have to really cut away at floor wood to house everything.  Not ideal.  
May just pay up and do a wall socket.  All larger rooms with tv music potential need to be wired.  Wireless has its limits.  
Seems nothing magical can be done to solve challenge faced by everyone.. 
It's one reason that people prefer wireless, but as you pointed out, that leads to performance compromises.   My one small hole in the hardwood floor, out of site, works for me, but the individual characteristics of every home are different.  I had wired the house first myself and while everything worked the results did not meet SAF.  I then asked an IT Pro that was helping with an unrelated issue and his solution at first made me gulp about assaulting the floor but it was the right all.  You may wish for a consult from someone who has done a lot of IT connections.
It's a very simple job for a pro to put into the wall. You'll be paying a lot for that floor box alone if you go that route.

I suggest you try the inwall yourself if you're handy. The hardest part is knowing exactly where to drill up from the basement.  Just cut out the box location in the wall and after you drill the hole ip, you'll see the cables right there because the box is low to the ground on the wall. 

I'll add this. If you don't want to do that, you can fun the cables and leave them under the location you want them at the wall. Then a pro will just have to drill the hole as mentioned and cut out the hole in the wall and connect. It would be cheaper that way.

20-30 minute job. Good luck.
 You can "run" the cables...