Installing Cardas Litz Cable?

Hi again,
I was wondering if there was a particular trick to crimping Cardas Litz wire. The wire I want to crimp is a 20 guage and is the chasis cable from my crossover to my tweeters. As I am trying a new set of tweeters and did not want to solder them I crimped the wire. I know that Cardas wire requires hot soldering to get through the coating on the strands of wire but what about crimping? Do I need to do something to the wire before putting on the crimps? Are the regular crimps one can get at any hardware store sufficient? I am awaiting my new tweeters but have mt old tweeters connected to the speakers with crimps and the sound is good but I did nothing other than tightly crimping the wire with regular crimps. Should I do something different to get through the coating on the wire strands of the cable?
You may want to try to melt some solder on the wire ends then crimp them. I use bare wire on the binding post and
"prime" the bare ends with WBT silver solder.
Thanks Hepl,
I actually had to remove the enamel Litz with a blade and sand paper. It took a bit of work but I got a good solder.The sound is better now that I have a good connection. It was a bit of work to remove enough enamel to have the solder penetrate the Cardas wire.