Installing Apogee Divas w/ribbons to the outside

The orthodox way to install the Apogee Divas is with the mid/high ribbons to the inside. I have seen photos of them installed to the outside. I think this is a way you obtain a greater distance between the higher frecuency radiators (for example in a smaller room) , and so, perhaps, getting a wider image, but I have not tried it in my system. I would like that those of you who have tried it to share that experiece and tell us how it works. Thanks.
Some folks with constricting space do turn the ribbons to the outside. The preferred way, by those who tried both, is to set them is with the ribbons inward, as the rocket scientist who designed them intended.
Actually, Jason Bloom didn't have a preference for "in" or "out" and encouraged experimentation. In fact, he suggested the "out" position in some kinds of setups, particularly home theater.
I have had my MRT ribbons to the outside on Apogee Stages and currently Analysis Epsilon, and have come to prefer it that way. It seems to reduce the imaging hotspotting of the MRT, creates a larger and slightly darker (in the good sense) presentation. It is worth trying and is happily completely reversible. I found that the visual impact took a while to get used to and the visual was more troublesome for a while than the sound, but I got used to it.
If you haven't already, you may want to pose this very question at the Apogee Acoustics User Group forum. There are some seriously knowledgeable and friendly Apogee users there that I'm sure could shed some light on this question.

FWIW, I've only listened to my Duetta Sigs with the MRT on the inside.
While I have only heard the Apogee speakers once, my experience with Magnepan, another planar, MAY sort of apply.
I had my MG-1 panels in a Very small room. The sound image was coming from the upper left corner of the room. I swapped the panels L->R and everything straightened out. OH, wire phase was correct in both cases.
Bottom Line?
Doesn't hurt to experiment.
Thank you for sharing your experiences and thoughts.