Installing a new arm

Hi, I am thinking about buying a Audioquest arm to replace my Systemdeks OEM arm (Profile). Can anyone tell me how do I go about doing this? I was told this should not be too difficult and I am trying to save some money- so I will do it myself. I was told the Audioquest arm will need a new mounting hole in my arm board...or do I make a new arm board myself? How do I determine where to drill the mounting hole? Thanks for the help.
I'm not familiar with the Systemdek, but using your current armboard as a template you should be able to fabricate a new one. As for mounting the replacement Audioquest arm, you'll definitely need the mounting template (or someone who knows the exact measurements) to ensure proper mounting. Since it seems like this a DIY project, I'd advise you to make sure the Audioquest arm comes complete with the manual/mounting template/hardware, etc. Good luck.
I read through the mounting instruction for the PT-6 that I have and the following is from that. "Pivot-to-stylus distance is 229 mm. The arm should be mounted with the center of the arm base (the pivot) measuring 211 mm from the middle of the center spindle. When the arm is positioned over the center spindle, the phono stylus will "overhang" the spindle by 18 mm (211+18=229). The PT-6/7/8 uses the same mounting distance and mounting holes as a Linn tonearm. Most turntable suppliers are able to provide an armboard pre-drilled with Linn style holes." Try contacting Audioquest or perhaps Linn for a template and you should be all set. You will enjoy the audioquest arm very much. I am about to replace mine, but have enjoyed having it in my system. Good Luck, Doug
Many thank you's Doug. I feel much more confident now. Again, thank you for your help.