Installation of Rega RB300

I recently bought a used Rega RB300 arm. Can anyone advise me the distance between the turntable spindle axis and the centre of the hole to be drilled (on the arm board)for the installation of the arm. Or is there any website depicting this sort of information.

I'm thinking of mounting them on a used Basis turntable (Basis 1400). Do I have to drill another hole for installation of arm. Regards
You might try contacting Lauerman Audio Imports, the company which imports Rega products into the US. They may be able to provide you with a template that you can use to drill the holes. Here's the contact info:

Lauerman Audio Imports
519 Noelton Drive
Knoxville, TN 37919
Tel: (423) 521-6464. Fax: (423) 521-9494
effective length on Rega arms is 240mm with the pivot to spindle distance at 222.8 mm. The mounting hole is 23mm dia.
FYI- Nearly all Basis 1400's to date have been factory drilled for Rega. If the location seems correct but the hole is larger than 23mm,the B1400 was set up using their optional VTA adjuster sleeve.No problem but you'll need to take a little extra care before bolting it down tight.

Thanks both of you, Sdcampbell and Caterham1700 for your valueable information. Regards