Installation of Origin Live motor on Oracle Delphi

Does anyone have specific installation instructions of the Origin Live Motor kit on an Oracle Delphi turntable. Thanks in advance.
hi dcaudio,

a buddy of mine who surfs these pages, sent me this thread link, as he knows i installed an o-l dc motor kit on my oracle. no special instructions needed, really. i wired it up, so the button on the front control panel operates the power; w/the o-l switch permanently on. i had to grind part of the mounting flange of the motor, so it would clear the underside of the platter. i used fuel injection hose, cut about 3/4" long, to raise up the motor from the stock motors' housing. w/appropriately longer screws, i was able to mount the o-l motor directly to the original housing. the fi hose is stiff enuff so as not to move, when the screws are tightened down, & it offers a bit of added isolation. besides, the screws fit perfectly thru the hole! :>)

depending on which iteration oracle you have, (i have original mk-l, upgraded to mk-v, except motor), some/all of these items may differ. but, i wouldn't let any of it phase ya - yust get the kit, look at it, & yer oracle, and you will be able to figure it out. it's not really difficult. and, i found o-l readily awailable to answer my questions.

the only ting i couldn't figure out, was how to get the light in the front control panel to come on, when i turn on the switch. can't say i miss it... and, yust recently, i addded a hewlwtt packard lab-grade dc power supply. picked up on ebay for ~$100, this (retail ~$1200) mondo power supply added further speed control to an awreddy excellent kit. i highly recommend the o-l dc motor kit...


doug s.