Install A Dedicated AC Line at home


I'm in San Francisco East bay north Berkley area, looking for someone who has experience to Install A Dedicated AC Line for my home, any recommendation will be appreciated! 

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Is that free install and tax credit only for California ? I don’t drive an electric either but could use the free money! 

@mikempls - If I read the conversion chart correctly 10 gauge is equivalent to 2.5sq twin and earth european cable. That being the case, the electrician is just being lazy in wanting to mix in a smaller gauge cable because 10 gauge is not especially hard to work with  - it's the standard for regular power circuits here - and moreover, he's introducing a totally unnecessary break in the cable - which is definitely bad practice.

Don’t forget if you don’t get a permit or use a licensed electrician and you have a fire in your home you can forget your insurance company giving you a dime. They will use any excuse to not pay a claim.

I have mulled this idea over for myself. But also you must look at the lines you intend to run in the NEW circuit. I find it ironic that peoplw wil spend thousands of dollars on 1 meter of power cable and ignore the standard 12 or 14 gage of ordinary coper or even worse coper clad aluminum unshielded lines in wall in some cases for 100s of feet. Then what about the breaker? Another thing to look at is the quality of and length of the ground to the breaker box. I was looking at a new line my mother had a LICENSED Electrician put in her 100 year old house. When searching out the ground lead, INSTEAD of running a 5 foot coper line to a standard 8 or 10 Ft. ground rod directly next to the breaker box, he ran over 50 ft, directly to the GAS line coming into the house.

The electrical inspectors in my area don't even need to be licensed electricians, they go to courses that they don't even need to fully attend, most of them go golfing instead. I had a friend that worked there and had a heating and cooling licence, he was the only one with that type of license and they didn't even have him doing the heating and cooling inspections.