Install A Dedicated AC Line at home


I'm in San Francisco East bay north Berkley area, looking for someone who has experience to Install A Dedicated AC Line for my home, any recommendation will be appreciated! 

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You may elect to make it a DIY project, but you

a) might require a local jurisdiction electrical permit, and

b) most likely  require an electrical inspection to meet local building codes  regardless.

That is why hiring a licensed electrician is the preferred pathway here.

without an inspection to satisfy local building code terms for a DIY  job, or alternatively hiring a licensed electrician , you are at high risk of violating your home insurance policy and leave yourself at high risk of your insurer refusing coverage in case of an event . 

This is the best upgrade I’ve made. Not a subtle upgrade by any means especially if you have a power hungry SS amp. I did not know the capability of my Coda #16 amp until I did this. I wished I had done it sooner.

OP,  you might reach out to the local audio club and ask them who has done work for them. They'll cut down the time you'll take random looking for an electrician who knows audio well.

I grew up in a construction family.  It boggles my mind how many people think it is as simple as hiring a guy with a license.  

There are many people here on this site that are well educated and have zero understanding of electricity.  

A high school education isn't required to be an electrician.  Formal training for an electrician is very limited.  Electricians generally learn as an apprentice and it mostly involves figuring out where to put what colored wire.  No understanding of the physics behind it.

So if you think anybody with a union card understands the nuances of providing power to a high end electrical system I wish you luck.

you need to get someone who understands what you are trying to achieve to design the circuit and then hand the plan to the electrician. Then provide oversight to make sure he does what is on the drawing.